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“Splurging” on Brand Name Diapers

I have never been a slave to labels. I could care less if my clothes were designed by Michael Kors or by some girl who can’t sew, yet never misses an episode of Project Runway (sounds like me actually). Every day I wear a variation of the same thing — jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll wear socks.

I’m a free spirit, let me tell you.

My one concession to anything designer? A leather Coach backpack my parents purchased for me six years ago on my 30th birthday. I know, I’m a spoiled brat.

For me, clothing is something you wear to keep warm and covered. I shop at Old Navy, Target and Kohl’s for the most part. If I’m at the outlets and a particular designer is having a sale — a good sale mind you — maybe I’ll pick something up. I’m hardly a fashionista staying on top of the latest trends.

Now don’t get me wrong — if you want to load your closet up with Ralph Lauren and Juicy Couture, I’m all for it. I jut can’t be bothered.

© jeti87/stock.xchng

© jeti87/stock.xchng

And yet when it comes to disposable diapers (I’ll save my lamenting about cloth for another day), it’s nothing but brand names for my kids — Pampers and Huggies only. So what if they are $.22 per diaper and generics are more like $.15? I’m the one changing them — I’ll put up the extra $.07.

Look, I realize I’m not taking much of a stand here. It’s diapers. You can get a box of 176 size 4s for under $40 (and under $35 if you’ve got good coupons and shop smartly). It’s not like I’m insisting my kids not wear anything but Gucci. (Not kidding, they have a line for kids. And for just $220, your little darling can have their very own metallic sneakers. Cause, you know, what non-walking infant doesn’t need those?)

I have no good reason other than that I just like the brand names diapers and I have no desire to switch to generic ones. Pampers and Huggies (I interchange depending upon the discounts available) have always worked for us very well and I figure, why change now? I’ve just heard so many stories about generics not doing such a terrific job, the thought of trying something new makes me tired. Especially in this department. I mean, infants and toddlers do a good enough job on their own of making nuclear messes of their diapers, I don’t need to go into this process with something that will maybe, probably, fingers crossed, do an O.K., so-so, mediocre job. This is an area where I’m happy to spend a bit more.

(Plus, I like the artwork better on the Pampers. We are big Elmo fans here.)

So I’m a diaper snob. Now if we could just get Gucci to start manufacturing them, we’d be in business!

Have you ever tried generic diapers? How did they work for you?

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