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Want to See My Kids? Their People Will Call Your People

Want to get together one afternoon? I’d love to. Except Mondays are out because C.’s got Cub Scouts and A. has Brownies. And Monday night, C. has basketball practice for one of his two basketball teams. Tuesdays are no good — both kids have religion classes. Wednesdays A. is going to start taking art classes so that won’t work. Thursdays C. practices with his other basketball team. Friday evenings he practices with the first team and that’s usually Pack Night for scouts. Saturdays? Ha. Don’t get me started on Saturday.

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© mai05/stock.xchng

Now I know why Sunday is designated as a day of rest.

Yes, we are busy. Constantly going, always moving. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because yes, while it’s nice to have some free time, I want my kids to be engaged, immersed, engrossed.

Out of trouble.

I am a firm subscriber to the school of thought that the more occupied a child is, the less likely they are to find themselves in a less than desirable situation. Now my kids are good, they aren’t troublemakers, but by keeping them involved in lots of activities, I’m keeping them off the couch. Away from the video games. Avoiding the “Mom, what can I do?” line of questioning that is always so charming.

Plus, I want them to try everything to see what they like. By varying their after-school recreations, they get a taste of what’s out there. And what they like and don’t like. Art class? That’s a keeper. Soccer? We’ll leave the goal scoring to others thanks.

Scarily enough, the winter isn’t even our hectic time. No, things really get hopping come March when baseball starts up for C. and A. plays softball and lacrosse. And those are their “standing appointments.” I still have to factor in science fairs and teacher conferences and birthday parties and class parties and school vacations and doctor visits and field trips and playdates and other events essential to their childhood.

So I guess I’ll see you in…July?

It’s a good think Suzanne is patient and willing to get together at odd times, otherwise we’d never see each other.


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