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Fun at Disney World With Children of All Ages

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I have been to Disney World in Florida a lot. As a young child, as a school-age kid, as a teen, on my honeymoon, with my own children. And of course, on each visit I had an amazing time, each experience different as my perspective changed. Seeing the Magic Kingdom for the first time is pretty cool. Seeing your child see it for the first time? Indescribably awesome.

My favorite memory from all of these trips by far, comes from our visit in August of 2003. My daughter A. was nearly nine months old and at that stage where she still had the sweetness of an infant, but starting to show the growing curiosity of a toddler. She wasn’t mobile in terms of walking (although she was a fast crawler) so she spent all of her time in the parks in our arms, the baby carrier or the double stroller we had rented (our son C. was just shy of his third birthday).

C. was at the age where he thought the characters were pretty groovy (especially since we had gotten him an autograph book and pen) and rides were not so much with the grooviness, so we spent a lot of our time hunting down assorted costumed figures. One of our first stops was for a meet and greet with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet. I knew C. would be OK but wasn’t sure how A. would react to these huge things who we were enthusiastically and unabashedly handing her off to.

No worries because she loved them. She loved them so much she tried to kiss them, but when she really ended up doing was eating them. We’d hold her up, she’d lean in and she’d just put her open mouth on Pooh’s snout. (OK, it sounds gross, but trust me, it’s adorable.) I laugh now thinking about my little girl in her little pink dress just sopping all over these people. Er, bears. Pigs? What’s a tigger supposed to be again?

Anyway, we all had a great time that afternoon — even baby A.  And that’s the beauty of Disney World, I think. Even the youngest little one can take something from it. She went on rides (in my lap or T.’s), she saw the sites, took in some parades and clearly, as illustrated by my story above, made some friends. She ate just fine, she napped on the go — everything was right in her world, made even more so because he family was with her all the time. Plus, she was free! No charge on the plane as she rode in my lap. No charge at restaurants — she nursed. And no admission charges for Disney as she was under two. Win. Win. Win!

(I love traveling with infants anyway — especially a breastfeeding infant. She was completely portable and at the same time at our mercy because she couldn’t get anywhere on her own. Did we bring a lot of stuff? Please, this me we are talking about, but my husband is still married to me so we did well enough I guess.)

Now granted, she has no recollection of the trip at all. But T. and I do (and so does my sister who came with us) and we have lots of pictures to show her. And in the moment, like the rest of us, A. had a fabulous time. And for me, that’s what Disney World is about.

In fact, I feel kind of bad that S. (currently 21 months) probably won’t make it to visit the main mouse until he’s at least three. Although I suspect Winnie isn’t in a hurry to see A. anytime soon.

Have you brought your kids to Disney World? How old were they?

For Suzanne, a trip to Disney World isn’t as magical unless the kids are a bit older — at least 4.


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