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I’ll Keep My Kids Germ-Free (and Healthy), Thanks


Let's face it: Kids are gross! ©asolario/stock.xchng

As a mama of three and a half, you would think that time and experience would have forced me to relax some. And it has, to a degree, I am not nearly the uptight mama I was when I had my son Boston. At least, I don’t think I am all that uptight anymore. Others, my husband included, might beg to differ. But I am less of a nut case, I am not worried about perfectly coifed children anymore. Kids get dirty. They aren’t going to stay stain free with perfectly arranged hair all day. They are kids for crying out loud. I have finally learned to let them just be kids.

There are some things I have not lightened up on at all though. I am still paranoid about keeping them clean from a germ standpoint. I am the mom that uses a cart cover and a highchair cover. I am the mom wiping off the table with a wet wipe before I let the kids touch it. I am the mom going through thousands of wipes a month in general. It is a big nasty world out there and I don’t want it smeared all over my kids. Grocery cart handles are supposed to be the dirtiest thing in America and my kids all seem like they can’t help but lick it when they are sitting there. *shiver*  Buying wet wipes by the case isn’t my only addiction. I have to buy Clorox wipes the same way. Have you ever used those babies? Best little instant sanitizer ever. I would much rather use a Clorox wipe than a wash rag on the high chair any day. Another sweet little gem is the awesome, always effective, magic eraser. One use and I was in love. Those little rectangles of seemingly nothing clean better than anything.  I thought my tub was clean until I got a magic eraser. I was SHOCKED. It was three shades whiter when I was done. That new found love immediately took over my toys.

Most of the time we buy things used. I bought a Little Tyke slide at a garage sale for the perfect price of $1. I also bought a little car and a Fisher Price piano for $1. A steal people. I took them home, wore out two magic erasers, then gave them a bath in soapy water (magic erasers much be washed off of toys with soap, they can leave chemical burns on baby’s delicate skin) and we have been playing with those toys for four years. I have spent more on batteries for the piano than all of the toys combined.

But it doesn’t stop there. If a bunch of kids come over, I whip the Clorox wipes again and wash down everything in the playroom. Kids are gross. Not just other people’s kids, mine are too, but kids are gross. It just isn’t worth it to me to deal with sick kids because I didn’t bleach everything off at the end of the day.

I have heard all the arguments that we need to let our kids get exposed to germs so they can build an immune system. I understand that, but I also think it is stupid to just let it be a free for all. I was mocked by EVERYONE when my son was born because I wouldn’t take him out or let people hold him.  They told me I was being over protective and worrying too much. I respectfully disagree. It was RSV season, it is stupid to expose a newborn to something like that. In the end, there were six of us that had babies in a two week period, four of those babies ended up being admitted to the hospital for RSV. Boston didn’t even catch his first cold until he was ten months old.

I know that I am uptight in this area, but I have no intentions of changing in the slightest. In four years with three kids, I’ve had three ear infections, two pukes, one flu, and maybe a half dozen colds. That is amazing numbers. Until about a week ago I didn’t even know what it was to have a scary sick kid, I’ve just never dealt with it. My sister brought my nephew over sick and infected my kid so much that he ended up on oxygen. She knew he had pneumonia and brought him over anyway. After that experience it just made me recommit to bleach everything and stay away from anyone that has a cough. People can tease me all they want.  I like my kids healthy.

BostonsMama is a wife; mommy to Boston, Scarlett, Isla & Quatro; a blogger; stylist and crazy person. You can read about the life and stories of her sweethearts on her, blog They Call Me Mommy. Keep up with her on her Facebook page.


In our new series of guest blogs, we invite other mommy bloggers to share a different point of view on topics where Suzanne and Amanda actually find themselves agreeing (for once). After reading this post, self-proclaimed mess (in more ways than one) Amanda says she may have to check out these magic erasers of which BostonsMama speaks so highly.


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