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New App: Stay Away From Mommy’s Phone

children and smartphones

Are you in a tug-of-war with your kids over your smartphone? © yasin öztürk/stock.xchng

“Mommy, I want to type on your phone now… Ma, just let me check the scores on your phone… We want to play Etch-a-Sketch, can we have your phone? Pleeeease.”

I’m thinking about making my own app that drains the battery every time a pair of little hands touch it. Just to avoid the inevitable.

Text me if you want a free download.

Because as much as I love that my children are tech-savvy, including the three-year-old, I don’t want them being savvy on my tech. I only got my first smartphone less than a year ago, and those things are expensive. I have already been *thisclose* to having it dunked in apple juice and dropped out the car window. Why increase the odds?

Not to mention that I generally like to see my childrens’ faces when I’m with them. The tops of their heads are cute too, but it makes me crazy to see so many kids walking around or sitting at a family dinner with their chins down and eyes glued to a screen.

So when I tell them that Mommy’s phone is running awfully low on battery and needs to be recharged, we resort to making a game out of the sugar packets on the table. They can still get a good 15 minutes out of scrap paper and a pen. And when all else fails, we always have twenty questions.

BOR-ING. I know, but at least there’s still hope that if a child of mine is dropped out in the wild someday — and the smartphone has lost its signal — he/she can make it out with a piece of sugarcane turned into a compass.

Besides, there are other (good) reasons why my children are not often permitted to play with my phone — or my husband’s for that matter.

For one, there’s the business we conduct on our phones. You know — the daily activities that we get paid to do that actually let us cover the cell phone bill at the end of the month. Yeah, that thing called work. And the people we work with, who probably aren’t amused past the second random text from a goofy child.

Like the ”my dad is stinky” text that wasn’t quite meant for the ops director. Or the heavy breathing from a three-year-old who accidentally dialed the CEO. My husband has preemptively deleted all important numbers from his phone to avoid the chance of this happening, except now he doesn’t know who’s calling him.

I guess that’s better than discovering a misdirected photo message, like a staff member did when her nine-year-old son sent me a picture of her laying on the couch which was meant for his sister whose name precedes mine in his mom’s phone directory.

Oh well, kids will be kids. Except mine shall remain phoneless and app-less. At least for as long as I can help it.

When Amanda showed my kids the app for Talking Carl on her iPhone, it was a good thing we couldn’t “find” it in the Droid Market. But I wouldn’t be surprised if her talented toddler comes up with a workaround for that the next time the kids are together.

4 Responses to “New App: Stay Away From Mommy’s Phone”

  1. Christy says:

    I am definitely in the minority, but I don’t allow my four year old to play with our phones at all. I don’t have any games on it anyway, just e-mail and internet access. I just tell him that it is Mommy’s phone and phones are not toys. It has worked so far!

    • suzanne says:

      Well so far it is just me and you in that very small minority! But stick with it.

      • erica says:

        I am totally with you on not allowing children to play with phones! My mother drives me crazy because she just hands it over and then has the nerve to get angry at me when i tell her no!!


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