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Best of: Scaring Up a Halloween Costume for the Littlest Goblin

baby Halloween costume

Trick or treat...dressing up the little ones for Halloween is half the fun. ©Mitchael McDonald/stock.xchng

What’s long and brown and red all over?

A mommy dressed as a hot dog covered in ketchup.

And that would be me walking around the neighborhood this Halloween had the tables been turned, and my son had the opportunity to pick out my costume.

He saw it in the store today and had to have it. But just not for himself. I guess no self-respecting 9-year-old wants to look like processed meat with condiments spread from his head to his toes. Can’t say I blame him.

On the other hand, if the parent of a toddler happened to think that was the cutest thing ever, you can bet there would be a mini hot dog strapped in a stroller being traipsed around the neighborhood getting laughs at every door. Because that’s our privilege (and pleasure) as parents.

Who can resist those adorable bumblebee costumes and Woody and Jesse get-ups? How about the pumpkin baby? Or the real-life Rubik’s cube?

Whether you buy it from the store, or put in hours crafting it yourself, your little one’s Halloween costume is a chance to be creative. It won’t be long before they ask to dress like zombies and rock stars, so get in there while you can and try on some of these costume ideas for size:


Fisherman and baby fish: The first joint costume my children donned for Halloween, my daughter’s first and my budding fisherman’s sixth. His favorite part? Netting her.

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion or any other Wizard of Oz combo: Another great costume pairing for siblings who don’t have a say in the matter just yet!

Static cling: Haven’t had to do it yet, but attach a few socks and underwear to a sweatsuit and it has to be the easiest last minute, low-budget costume ever.


Sam I Am: Dress your child in all yellow and then add a two-sided placard. On the front have it read “I am Sam.” On the back, “Sam I am.” Add a paper plate with drawn green eggs and ham.

Any of the Harry Potter characters: A black robe, a red, blue, green or yellow scarf [depending on your house] and you are good to go. You can style hair and add props accordingly.

Pea Pod: Store bought, but one of the cutest ones ever for our infant.

What Halloween costumes are you planning for your little one? Any favorites from Halloweens past?

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  1. Romy says:

    Parker will be Elmo, recycled from Page’s obsessive Elmo days. Page wanted to be anything with a gun. So he is an Air Force special ops officer, in honor of his aunt and uncles, both Air Force majors. Of course, I accidentally on purpose forgot to buy the gun. His aunt and uncle are alwyers in the AF, so maybe we’ll get a law-book he can carry around. :)


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