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Best of: The Baby Product We Couldn’t Do Without


He's adorable, but he also comes with a lot of stuff. What is your baby gear must-have? ©just4you/stock.xchng

Everybody has one. Usually different from person to person, just a solitary mention inspires a passionate soliloquy (complete with bullet points and a Power Point presentation) from you on its excellence and necessity. It’s your sanity saver, getting you through sleepless nights and showerless days and you wonder why people aren’t taking to the streets, singing its praises.

It’s the baby product you can’t do without (and your go-to gift for baby showers).

Read ours and then share yours below!


Boppy Nursing Pillow

Do you remember those first few days after you bring home your first baby? There really is nothing like it. And unless you’ve lived it, there is no explaining it. I remember feeling like I was in a weird fog. Simultaneously both deliriously happy and scared witless out of my mind, I felt like every decision was IMPORTANT, had a great impact on my son’s future and I needed to get it right, no matter how inconsequential it would be under normal circumstances. Up is down, left is right, ice cream is a plate of liver and onions. Nothing was what it usually was.

I don’t know if breastfeeding mothers especially feel this way, but I remember feeling particularly flummoxed in the food department. My sweet newborn C. and I were having a bit of trouble with his feeding positions and no matter what hold I tried, I just couldn’t get us both comfortable. It was freaking me out and causing me great consternation across the board. It was affecting everything I did. (Seriously, I was a bit of a mess.)

Enter the Boppy.  I don’t know who introduced it to me or how I wound up with one, but I definitely got it after C. came home from the hospital. It quickly became my lifeline. It was like putting on a pair of glasses and then realizing that you couldn’t see before. Thanks to this 0h-so-simple-yet-so-brilliant, nursing pillow, feeding my son became amazingly easier. He was comfortable, I was comfortable and we were both happy. Amazing what a bit of brightly-colored fabric and some stuffing sewn into a funny shape can do.


HALO SleepSack

As soon as the pregnancy hormones kicked in, this Suzy Safety went into red alert mode.  The car seat installation got checked and rechecked. Outlet covers and cabinet locks were ready to go before my first contraction hit. And my baby registry included not a single crib blanket — not even the adorable quilt that matched the nursery decor.

I had read enough about SIDS and learned that any type of loose bedding, including blankets, pillows and even stuffed animals, could pose a suffocation hazard to a baby. So to say we went the minimalist route when it came to outfitting our son’s crib would be an understatement. Even the once overlooked crib bumper got the heave-ho.

All was well and good until winter snuck up on us. With snow piled against the front door and the heat up as high as our budget could withstand, I reached into the drawers looking for the thickest set of baby pajamas I could find.  My hand brushed across a soft fleece fabric, and instead of pulling out the footed pajamas I expected, I came up with a mini sleeping bag of sorts. This yellow sack wasn’t something I had bought, and I honestly didn’t remember getting it as a gift, but it was exactly what I needed.

Then again, necessity is the mother of invention, right? That pretty much sums up the idea behind the HALO SleepSack, the wearable blanket that is endorsed by leading SIDS organizations in the U.S. and Canada. It represents everything we want for our babies — to be safe, snug and sleeping, of course — that I now include at least one in every baby gift I give.


OK, we shared, now it’s your turn. What baby product is your absolute favorite? Why?