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Best of: Dad in One Word


How would you describe your favorite dad in one word? ©dprint4u/stock.xchng






In other words, Dad.

Sometimes the simplest ideas, like describing the best dad you know in one word, can be tougher than writing a dissertation. But as we round the bases to Father’s Day, readers have shared with us the one word that encapsulates what makes the fathers in their lives so special.

And it’s made us each think of a few words of our own. (Okay, okay, we know — one word each. This will be tough, but there’s always tomorrow for being verbose.) So here goes:

Perspective. Suzanne, the consummate task-master, doesn’t know where she would be without a husband who brings the focus back into perspective every day. Thanks to his unique brand of fathering, the whole family stays balanced. M.’s off-base humor and spontaneity offer comic relief on busy days, and judging by the dinnertime chorus of song parodies, the kids are bound to be chips off the old block.

Multitudinous. A complex word for a complex fellow. Amanda and her husband have been doing this parenting thing for over a decade now, and every day T. amazes her with his depth — his knowledge, his sense of humor, his kindness and his love for his family.

So if you’re still struggling to come up with an original Father’s Day gift, consider putting his one word on a t-shirt. (And then maybe get him tickets to a baseball game, so he has somewhere to wear it.)

What’s one word to describe the best dad you know?