We Are Both Right

Best of: Summer Perks

What's your idea of summer fun with the kids? ©Joe Batluck/stock.xchng

Summer’s in the air, and suddenly everything seems a little bit calmer, and a lot more fun.

The kids are content playing in the sand box. You are happily flipping and flopping over to the hammock with a magazine. And the sun just keeps on shining.

Does it get any better than this? Even the sticky hands can wait until later because nothing much matters on these lazy summer days.

There are lots of perks to spending a summer with kids. Here are our top ten:

1. Finger painting outside.

2. Fewer clothes. Fewer battles.

3. Ice pops all day long.

4. Ice cream for dinner.

5. When it’s over 100 degrees, everyone is welcome in the kiddie pool!

6. Naps in the car on the way home from the beach.

7. No excuses needed if you just feel like running through the sprinkler.

8. A walk or bike ride every night after dinner.

9. Trading the shower for a hose.

10. Going to the library on super-hot days and spending an afternoon reading in the cool. Ahhh.

So while the kids are decorating the driveway (and each other) with chalk, and before it’s time for the next round of ice pops, go ahead and add your favorite summer perks to the list.