We Are Both Right

This One’s Dedicated to All the Mom-Heroes Out There

They can leap over Legos, scale playground fences and see with eyes in the back of their heads. Who is your favorite superhero mom? © Mattel DC Universe

Ask a child who their favorite super hero is, and you’re likely to get back a response like Superman, Batgirl, Iron Man or Wonder Woman (my personal fav).

Sure, there’s something to be said for having a web at your fingertips that will let you swing from one building to the next on a moment’s notice — just as long as it’s not your four-year-old trying to get from the garage to the patio overhang.  And who hasn’t wished for the ability to don a cape and fly somewhere in a pinch, like when you’re late for the school bus again? (I know I could have used that last week).

But even without these extraordinary powers, mothers everywhere take on the role of superhero everyday. Who else could get by with two hours sleep and still have an endless supply of love to give all day long? Come up with balanced meals for a three-year-old on the run?

Put just as much emphasis on serving our country as serving their families? Ditch temptations of social networking in favor of playing Candyland. Engage an entire extended family in learning sign language to keep up with a hearing-impaired preschooler?

Round up enough dandelions to help a child create a bouquet, in spite of allergies? Get through the challenging teenage years and live to tell about it? And take joy in every moment, knowing that the minds and hearts of our children are the most powerful powers of all.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Amanda and I give all of you superhero moms a special salute. Enjoy the day!