We Are Both Right

Teaching About 9/11 in Schools

Some of this year’s incoming 4th graders weren’t even a gleam in their parents’ eyes as the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded (my son included).

And up until now, this first generation of children who didn’t have a lasting, conscious impression of that day might have been too young to even comprehend its impact when the subject has come up since. But as time goes on, the lessons surrounding that day become more teachable and in many ways, even more important to impart.

So how do we explain the significance of 9/11 in the history of our world, our nation, our communities and even within our own families?

Well, I was intrigued to read how the story is unfolding in classrooms around the country. It reassures me to know that resources are being dedicated to developing curriculum and educators are participating in an exchange of lesson plans.

How do you feel about your children learning about 9/11 in school? Have you made it a point to talk about it at home, even with your young ones?