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Best of: Simple Ways to Surprise Your Kids


What do you do to surprise your kids? ©ba1969/stock.xchng

One of my favorite parts of being a parent is surprising my kids. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? The thing about surprises are, they don’t even have to be big — just a small gesture with the sole purpose of making someone else happy. And who better than to make happy then your kids? So in that vein, here is our list of ten great ways to make your kids smile:

  1. Dessert for dinner. (We’re doing this one tonight!)
  2. A no-school, goof-off Day. Not that I’m advocating skipping important academic lessons or anything, but every once in a while, isn’t it nice to have a “noneday?”
  3. Notes in a lunchbox. I like to do a joke of the day.
  4. Candy on their pillows. Let them pretend they are in a hotel for the night!
  5. Picnic in the living room. Or in a tent in the backyard.
  6. Balloons in their rooms when they wake up. For no good reason.
  7. Pick them up from school instead of having them ride the bus home. Whisk them away to the movies or the park.
  8. Turn your kitchen into a restaurant. Be the waiter and chef and let your kids order up (from a pre-set menu so you don’t drive yourself crazy!)
  9. Celebrate a crazy holiday. Got a kid who loves chocolate milk? Mark July 28 on the calendar and plan the day around it. Like to cuddle? Check out September 9 — National Teddy Bear Day.
  10. Give them the gift of you. A day of just you and your child, doing whatever you both please.

We know you have more great ideas! How do you surprise your kids?